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Provide a historical background of the Book of Nehemiah with many dates and a timeline chart linking Nehemiah and Ezra’s activities. Nehemiah faced eight problems when rebuilding Jerusalem. The Jews faced complete destruction of their own possessions, traditions, the temple and their country. They had sinned and God had judged them Kings, Chronicles along with most of the prophets. Significant dates are below.

The Book of Nehemiah has been, since the 16th century, a separate book of the Hebrew Bible. Before that date, it had been included in the Book of Ezra; but in Latin Christian bibles from the 13th century onwards, the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah become separated; a separation that became canonised with the first printed bibles in Hebrew and Latin.

Themes Summary Ezra begins by seeing Cyrus’s decree to release the exiles as the fulfillment of God’s promise in Jeremiah Three similarly structured episodes follow: In each episode, return and reconstruction authorized by the Persian throne meet with opposition eventually overcome with God’s help. The book of Ezra is concerned with the first two returns, the rebuilding of the temple, and Ezra’s dealing with the social and religious difficulties that faced the community. Ezra and Nehemiah are our only narrative source for the history of the restoration, to B.

The postexilic period witnessed the reestablishment of the Jewish religious community in Jerusalem and the implementation of the Torah. Though the situations we face are quite different from those encountered by the postexilic community, both Ezra and Nehemiah provide many examples of hard work coupled with prayer and an unshakable faith in God as a formula for successful problem solving that is as relevant today as it was then. Where Do I Find It?

Ezra is the fifteenth book of the Old Testament, coming immediately after 2 Chronicles and before Nehemiah. Jewish tradition identifies Ezra as the author of 1 and 2 Chronicles, Ezra, and Nehemiah. Today, many scholars believe that Ezra and Nehemiah come from a different hand than Chronicles and that various older traditions have been gathered together and edited by a postexilic editor, though these may include an autobiographical section written by Ezra 7: When Was It Written?

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Ezra-Nehemiah. By Mary Jane Chaignot. Although we think of these as two distinct books – one being Ezra and the other being Nehemiah – they were regarded as one literary unit throughout antiquity. The first known separation of them comes around the time of Origen, ca C.E. Typically, Ezra is believed to predate Nehemiah by about 13 years, although both focus on the restoration of Judah.

The treatment of Ezra-Nehemiah as a single book by the earliest editors was undoubtedly due to the fact that in ancient times the two books were put under the one name, Ezra. The combined work Ezra-Nehemiah is our most important literary source for the formation of the Jewish religious community in the province of Judah after the Babylonian exile. This is known as the period of the Restoration, and the two men most responsible for the reorganization of Jewish life at this time were Ezra and Nehemiah.

In the present state of the Ezra-Nehemiah text, there are several dislocations of large sections so that the chronological or logical sequence is disrupted. The author combined this material with other sources at his disposal. The personality of Ezra is not so well-known as that of Nehemiah. Ben Sira, in his praise of the fathers Sir 44 — 49 , omits mention of Ezra, perhaps for polemical reasons. The genealogy of Ezra 7: He is also called a scribe, well-versed in the law of Moses 7: It was in religious and cultic reform rather than in political affairs that Ezra made his mark as a postexilic leader.

Jewish tradition holds him in great esteem.

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One incident, however, in particular stands out with vastly different dates and different theories as to how that day was calculated. The Exodus of the Israelites under Moses is, arguably, the most debated topic on the Old Testament timeline. As will be seen, two primary camps exist within this debate. One claims a High Date of ca. The second camp clings to a Low Date, ca.

Thus the Old Testament timeline one studies and reads about is primarily defined by when that particular author believes the Exodus to have occurred, among other factors.

Nehemiah’s Example Consider Nehemiah. His unthinkable accomplishments, detailed in the book of Nehemiah, included rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem and re-establishing the city as a .

He counsels, “Goals move us. In business, sports, politics, and relationship with God, goals make the difference between reaching forward with purpose, or spinning around in meaningless circles. Most people have more difficulty setting goals than they do accomplishing them once they are set. Yet I was stunned by his suggestion that it is more difficult to set goals than to carry them out. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I had never thought of it this way before. I’ve always assumed that setting a goal is the simple part, and then the real work begins.

Yet after thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I’m convinced that Young is right. We easily and thoughtlessly set many fleeting goals that have no effect on our destiny. Yet establishing an effective goal takes time, careful thinking, prayer and reflection, planning and commitment of heart. Once a goal is firmly in place, it becomes part of us. Carrying it out often seems natural. And–maybe it’s just that we’re more alert to it–but it seems that serendipities occur.


Coppell, TX It is no accident that the three most attacked books of the Bible are also the most significant Genesis, Daniel, and Revelation. It is commonly known that if the foundation is faulty, the building will soon fall. This article will seek to refute the view that the Book of Daniel was written in the second century BC as many liberals claim and thus could not have been written by Daniel ca.

This being the case, the issue of the date of Daniel will be addressed first. Miller concisely states the importance of this study:

Nehemiah Family Life Center. 50 likes. A First Coast Christian Outreach Initiative Combating the Fatherless Epidemic in Jacksonville. Jump to. Sections of this page. Single people, if you’re dating someone you need to ask questions during the dating process. This past Sunday, I touched on a few of these questions duri.

Luther objected to a saying attributed to Johann Tetzel that “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs. Christians, he said, must not slacken in following Christ on account of such false assurances. He enclosed in his letter a copy of his “Disputation of Martin Luther on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences,” which came to be known as The 95 Theses, which were posted on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. He saw his disputation as an objection to church practices.

Do you run in fear, respond in likeminded hostility or become paralyzed in fear or apathy. In Nehemiah 3 , Nehemiah lead the people of God to stand firm against the opposition from without, the fear and lethargy from within, and even from naive people of faith. The Book of Nehemiah continues the story of the Jewish exiles who returned to their homeland after the Babylonian Captivity.


Recently I noticed a few interesting connections between Nehemiah and the story of Esther. As you may remember, Esther becomes the next Queen of Persia and eventually risks her life to save the Jewish exiles living in Persia from extermination [2]. The Book of Esther is placed after the Book of Nehemiah, but her story actually came first [3]. This opens the possibility that Esther and Nehemiah could have lived as contemporaries in the same city for a period of time.

From what we know of Artaxerxes heritage, this is hard to understand. What made him sympathetic to the plight of the Jewish homeland, even to the point of providing resources?

On one of these papyruses written in Aramaic dating / BC Sanballat, the governor of Samaria, and Johanan the son of Eliashib are mentioned. Both these names appear in the book of Nehemiah also (chapter ; ; ).

Different translators have at times preferred different forms. With such variants, I have chosen the most popular form. All of the names may be found in the Bible, though some, like Alexander, are known from other historical sources as well. Very obscure biblical names have been excluded. Each entry is supported by a biblical citation showing the earliest known use of the name. Genders A boy or girl of today might be given many biblical names with little regard to the original gender of the name.

In fact, many parents already do this: There are also biblical names such as Daniel, traditionally masculine, that have been adapted into female versions such as Danielle. The following terms are used to indicate genders: Concubines Many biblical women are described as concubines. In the polygamous society of the ancient Hebrews, concubinage was not immoral.

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