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Weed Dating was a dirty, sweaty, fun affair. Belter started the event by explaining the purpose of the Carolina Campus Community Garden: Grabbing a pair of gloves and some scissors, I trailed into the garden with around a dozen other students and volunteers to harvest lettuce. As Belter said, the event was about bringing people together and not so much about dating. I soon found myself chatting about compost with those around me as I snipped lettuce stalks. After we harvested the lettuce, we picked some strawberries but then got to the main event: Armed with trowels, we set about digging up weeds from a grape vine. Biology student Dana Metzger was digging across from me and almost ran afoul some fire ants, but was able to escape before the ants could get on her. Once we finished weeding, we picnicked.

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Uchi There are different personalities and characteristics found in villagers. All villagers share the same interests and hobbies, but some are more apparent in individual personalities than others. There are several personalities: Cranky , Jock , Lazy and Smug , which are male villager personalities, and Snooty , Peppy , Normal and Uchi , which are female personalities. The different personalities share similar traits, especially the male and female equivalents.

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The Art and Archaeology of Clay Pipes A short history of Clay Pipes is presented here along with photographs for your enjoyment and for help in identification. Please note these images are copyright and you should write to me if you wish to use them in your publications. The earliest clay pipes known in England and Europe are generally thought to date from c. English mariners setting up the first colonies there were introduced to smoking which was cermonial but it was not long before smoking was taken up as a habit by mariners who travelled from port to port around the globe.

The site of Historic Jamestown has recovered early examples during archaeological excavations and Sir Walter Raleigh’s Colony at Roanoke Island is one of the places where the clay pipe was seen and recorded by John White. Although the use of tobacco leaves was known by Europeans since the time of Columbus in only small amounts were brought back as an exotic herb for medicinal experimentation at first.

The ancient people of Ecuador were using pipes as long ago as BC and the region of Central America first colonised by visiting Europeans would have been very diverse in what it had to offer. It is not until the mid to late 16th Century that we begin to find written references to the smoking of clay pipes in England. Tobacco would have been smoked, sniffed and chewed by mariners and as we so often read about the oceans of the world at this time were used by traders, fishermen and of course pirates.

Exactly who arrived back smoking a pipe is not known but pirates, privateers and early sailors were the first to bring it to the attention of people here in England and the smoking of a clay pipe was taken up very quickly. Smoking attracted a lot of publicity among the rich Courtiers and soon after the common people. Sir Walter Raleigh is said to have made the habit more popular and also offered Queen Elizabeth a pipe.

Smoking also attracted a lot of bad publicity and it was not long before Religious figures and King James when he came to power were condemning it as a filthy evil thing.

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History[ edit ] Mughal Emperor Babur supervising the creation of a garden The founder of the Mughal empire , Babur , described his favourite type of garden as a charbagh. This word developed a new meaning in India, as Babur explains; India lacked the fast-flowing streams required for the Central Asian charbagh. The Agra garden, which was renamed after Partition of India as the Ram Bagh, since it lied in Hindu majority portion is thought to have been the first charbagh. India , Bangladesh and Pakistan have a number of Mughal gardens which differ from their Central Asian predecessors with respect to “the highly disciplined geometry”.

An early textual references about Mughal gardens are found in the memoirs and biographies of the Mughal emperors, including those of Babur , Humayun and Akbar.

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From Waterford to the glorious garden of Mount Usher

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Waterford, which is said to be Ireland’s oldest town, dating back to the time when it was a Viking settlement, was a delight. We toured the famous crystal factory and saw some amazing crystal pieces. We wandered the town and found some fantastic little pubs and great eateries. Waterford is a very cute, calm, mid-size [ ].

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Wind Characteristics of Zone 9 Weather in the thermal belt is affected by both coastal and interior weather patterns. Hot and very dry air is pushed in from the inland while the ocean provides cool and moist air. This area is widely known for its citrus crops due to its hot summers and rare winter frosts. Plants that prefer cool and moist summers are difficult to grow in this region, whereas heat-loving plants thrive with minimal attention.

Although there is some variation within the zone that gardeners should pay attention to, the majority of the area shares similar characteristics.

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Tales of Gardening Greatness After the top-down emphasis in the management style of Parks Commissioner Robert Moses , the s heralded a new era of community input and outreach by the Parks Department, especially during the administration of Thomas Hoving. Hoving’s inclusive style and the vestpocket park campaign that sought to quickly transform vacant lots into usable open space often soliciting help and advice from local residents helped change the tone of park administration during this era.

This shift coupled with the severe fiscal crisis of the early s paved the way for the Community Garden movement of the s, which began in earnest on the Lower East Side with the Green Guerillas. During the financial crisis of the s, many parts of the city suffered, and vacant and abandoned lots—both public land and newly public land acquired by foreclosure— were endemic.

Abandoned buildings, if they weren’t already torn down, dotted the landscape, especially in Manhattan neighborhoods such as the Lower East Side, Hell’s Kitchen, and East Harlem, and underutilized land sat fallow amidst widespread urban neglect.

CSUN’s Botanic Garden is operated by the university’s Department of Biology and serves as a field site for botany, entomology, photography, painting and other classes. In addition to geographically themed plantings and a butterfly garden, the garden features greenhouses where noteworthy botanical specimens are grown.

Full sun; poor, gritty, sharply drained soil Wild buckwheats have assumed star roles in drought-tolerant landscapes throughout the West, and none is more useful than sulfur flower E. Selections of this genus vary in size and habit, but all produce wonderful evergreen foliage with brilliant blooms from late spring through late summer. Long-lived, this perennial is so adaptable that it also thrives in humid climates. The seed of wild buckwheat are oblong and nutlike.

Getting started with seeds Use sand to improve drainage. Tamp the soil for a firm seed bed. Daryl Beyers Save money by making your own mix Making seed-starting soil is easy, fun, and less expensive than purchasing a premade mix. First, put two parts compressed, peat-based soilless potting soil, like Fafard 2 or Metromix, in a trug or wheelbarrow. Coir is an acceptable substitute. Add 1 tablespoon of slow-release fertilizer pellets, such as Sierra Blend or Osmocote, for every cubic foot of ingredients to provide ongoing nourishment.

Mix it all together. Use packaged materials that are clean and sterile for a mix that feels light and crumbly. A topdressing of gravel helps seeds get started Take any plastic pot you have at hand, and fill it loosely with potting mix flush to the brim. Tamp the soil, leaving a quarter inch or so of space below the rim.

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