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February 24, See the surprising ways your brain and your hips play a role in your casual sex encounters. It’s a familiar scene: It’s not the perfect picture of romance , but when you’re caught up in the moment, a warm body feels like a fair substitute for love , right? But since when did the hookup dating scene become the place to find love? While you may think you’re just living the carefree single life, your brain is influencing your decisions more than you might want to admit. Men and women have very different morning after emotions. Imgur We all know that love is a powerful drug.

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Is there anything more thrilling than hooking up with a guy for the first time? I mean, probably having someone skillfully throw knives at you during some sort of circus spectacle, but let’s be real, that’s not going to happen for most of us. Hooking up with a hot new dude probably is. Once you part ways with your new prospective partner the REAL work begins. Was this just a one time thing?

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Posted on January 16, by ondafly When the lights are on, the wall fish tend to mostly be preschoolers with an occasional mid schooler fish thrown in! Photo by Al Quattrocchi But when the lights go out, the high schoolers like to party. This is our friend Trevor, newly transplanted from Colorado with a beautiful calico landed on his first night outing with me and Capt.

Nick Blixt this past weekend. Photo by Al Quattrocchi I am not new to calico bass on the fly, in fact I was one of the few guys talking and flyfishing for night time calico bass fishing back in the day when they thought I was nuts. Well I am still nuts, only now, there are a lot of new fly guys to the game, banging night time calicos on many of our local inshore jetties.

If you wanted a trophy striped bass you either fished the big surf just before a Noreaster, in sloppy weather or you fished in the dark off jetties, the surf or bridges at night. The first striped bass I ever landed was when I was around thirteen and it came at night, off a bridge under the lights in Jamaica Bay. Whether stripers or calicos these predators are both night time ambush feeders, their eyes and lateral lines able to distinguish shapes and sound in low light.

Night fishing is not for everyone. Things tend to be amplified and creepy, like tying knots, casting fly lines and landing fish in the dark. You have to slow everything down and practically pretend your blind, amplifying your other senses like touch and hearing. If you are going to try this, its always a good idea to fish as the sun begins to fall so you have a bearing on where you are, how long your casts need to be.

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The Practica At a milonga, you sit and chat or you dance. Save your feedback for the practica, which is sort of like a dance, insofar as there is tango music playing and you can practice dancing around the room. But you can also hang out in a corner or the middle of the floor and work on a certain move with someone you came with or someone you met or arranged to meet there. And do be kind and constructive with your criticism; the newbie you never thought would amount to anything probably will, and will remember every snippy thing you said and never dance with you later.

And the best accessory a woman can have is a well-dressed partner in touchy-feely clothes , so men, listen up.

When darkness falls, meeting beautiful women in bars is a fantastic thing. One of the ideal places to meet girls is a nightclub because it is where women—especially single ones—go to .

Comment Queens Kickshaw offers fancy grilled cheese, craft beer, and good bands in the evenings. The flip side is that you endure mediocre bar food and watered-down drinks to see a band you like. But a few new standout spots — Oda House and Dead Rabbit, for example — manage to hit the sweet spot by offering both good live music and superlative food.

There are a lot of other oft-forgotten restaurants that you may not realize host nightly performers, too. Whether you like reggae, folk, jazz, Latin, or even ukulele music, grab a date and hit one of these spots soon. Queens Kickshaw offers fancy grilled cheese, craft beer, and good bands in the evenings. Oda House The Cheap Eats pick has a two-person folk band, comprised of singer Mariam Bibilouri and guitarist Justin Marthews, perform on weekends.

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Our goal is to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date list of the best chat lines anywhere. From time to time you may notice chat lines going up or down in position, new chat lines being added and other taken out. Every week, our editors spend hours on the phone doing research and scoring each and every chatline they come across on each of the following factors:

How important is an electric hookup when you camp? August 25, Electrical hookup is a must for us. Sherry Dawson. September 2, at pm Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? It’s a little complicated why this does work for cellphone charging, but you can imagine it’s BAD for anything else).

We all have that one friend, co-worker, classmate, etc. And then, one night, maybe with some alcohol involved you hook up. The Good Friend The scenario: We all know how it goes. Try acting casual and address it! Friends tend to hook up with one another due to mutual attraction and spending time around one another a lot; it happens to the best of us. The In-Class Attraction The scenario: You ran into the cutie who sits next to you in your British Lit class at the bar Friday night and started flirting , which led to going home with him or her.

How can you possibly talk to them and casually sit next to him or her while learning about Shakespeare? Often our feelings of awkwardness are due to feeling self-conscious, perhaps seeing him reminds us of rejection i. So when you cross paths with your hookup, smile, wave, acknowledge them, give a quick hello—don’t avoid eye contact or ignore them.

Remember, you’re an empowered woman—it’s only awkward if you make it so.

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The New Frontier I remember the days when parents thought TV and rock music were going to turn my brain into oatmeal. In similar fashion, the hookup app fearmongering that we’re seeing, though not entirely without merit, will also be mostly sensationalistic and overblown. And the picture painted by writer Nancy Jo Sales is not flattering.

For WiFi networks there are two ways you can set up your AirPlay network connections: You can use an Apple AirPort Express, a small portable wireless router designed to interconnect all your Apple devices whether or not you have an Internet connection.

Thank you for choosing the Tango speaker system from XtremeMac. To prevent the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover or back. No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle isintended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance servicing instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.

Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. The apparatus should not be situated on a bed, sofa, rug or similar surface that may block the ventilation openings. Ventilation should not be impeded by covering the openings with items such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc. Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus including amplifiers that produce heat.

Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding-type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other.

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To give credit where credit is due, I first have to say that Buenos Aires is a city that well deserves its name. There is something in the air there. It feels good there, slightly breezy with a nice chill vibe. Buenos Aires has some significant drawbacks for the single dude traveler. First of all, Buenos Aires is not a great value for the single dude wallet. As a result, things in Buenos Aires cost much more than they should.

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Click the AirPlay icon to select which devices you want to receive the signal. This connection could be wireless, using WiFi or Bluetooth , or wired, using Ethernet. Though connecting with Bluetooth isn’t the same as being on your home computer network, AirPlay detects Bluetooth devices automatically and lets you manage them alongside your other network-accessible AirPlay options.

For WiFi networks there are two ways you can set up your AirPlay network connections: You can use an Apple AirPort Express, a small portable wireless router designed to interconnect all your Apple devices whether or not you have an Internet connection. AirPort needs no additional equipment or setup in order to use AirPlay, and you can connect a stereo directly to the AirPort to use as either the source or receiver for an AirPlay audio stream.

Without AirPort Express, you can use an existing home network setup, such as a wireless router. If you already use a router to share a single Internet service among multiple computers in your home, then all you need to do is connect each AirPlay-enabled device to that same network. For more about setting up your home network, see our article How Home Networking Works. After you’ve added your AirPlay-enabled devices to the same network, each AirPlay source can automatically detect all its potential receivers.


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